Cranbrook Country Park

Cranbrook Country Park lies at the heart of the new town of Cranbrook on the outskirts of Exeter. It consists of around 30 hectares (and growing) of beautiful, varied habitats and public amenity spaces. Running through the centre of the Country Park is the Cranny Brook, lined with trees providing shade and plenty of access points for a paddle (or a doggy dip!) Dogs with good recall are welcome off the lead throughout the whole park. However, the large meadow on the South side of the London road is a definite favourite for owners whose dogs need a large space to run freely and burn off some extra energy. There is a co-op in Cranbrook and Café 143 (located by the Younghayes Centre on the map) as well as the Cranberry Farm pub. Free parking is available at the train station. The Dog Walkers Code of Conduct can be found by clicking Download PDF. 

An ancient tree in the Country Park